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It is here

2016-09-22 01:42:54 by Ellvis

Madness day is today. YAY. I just made one fucky part with Djjaner´s fail for Extermination 5 this time. But better than nothing. Maybe next time I will make something bigger.

Enjoy All of the members did great job. I am proud to be a part of it :)

Happy madness day to all of you.

Madness day

2016-09-05 14:28:58 by Ellvis

Madness day is soon huh? Are you planing something for it? tell me :)

My part for Gb Extermination 5 is done.

2007 frames


Extermination 5

2016-08-16 18:42:40 by Ellvis

I was kinda dead last few months. I totally lost any interest in animations. But before that happened I said Gabriel that i am going to be a member of Extermination 5. Last few months I have done anything for it. I completely lost my motivation and I was trying to focus more on  my own life. I was loosing a time and deadline was getting sooner and sooner. I was stressed a little bit because I  just couldnt forc myself to animate but I didnt want to dissapoint GB and my fans. Even so I didnt wanted. I started animate something for it at the begining of august. And what happened? My motivation came back for this time. Because I was rather motivated by GB words to me and your all words after my participation in Hallucination 2 . My skills came back very quickly. So I want to say Thanks to all of you. I really appriciate that. What Are you saying to me.

562 frames

9 kills

50% done. But I must hurry to be done in time.


Just a little question

2016-04-20 17:27:20 by Ellvis

I was thinking about remake some of my sprites for future works. But about my actual human character i need to ask you. Do you like this character to looks like human? or should I make him into more madnessy style (grey body, without humanic face)

Let´s vote




Oh and Ysterday I bought my new car. I just felt in love when I saw it first time :D :O and ridin abilities are great too :) Seat Leon II Sport 1,6 75kw


Hallucination 2

2016-03-28 07:25:10 by Ellvis

Well as you guys see I made 2 simple collab parts for vassline´s collab. They are nothing special at all. they are made with the same style I had over years. I am trying to keep my form. But I think my style is getting old.

But enough talking about me. Hallucination 2 is fucking great collab. Many animators made great parts. I like to see some new collab wich is on the high level. after long time. It is honor to me that I am part of this compilation.

Enjoy watching :)

Well guys

2016-02-03 15:50:29 by Ellvis

Last few months people were asking me "Are you alive" or "Will you come back" or "What happen to you" so Here is my response:

In fact as you people see. I am not much active on this site. I am not commenting or making reviews so much. But I watch what is happening here. I watch stuffs from some animators. I was watching that DC cause....

In fact i want to comeback. But it is harder than i thought. I am full of amazing ideas, full of plans.

But  I miss somthing very important. Motivation. I am extremely DISMOTIVATED. I just cant sit all day at Pc and animate some things. I like more Real world than this virtual one. I am very accustomed. Or maybe  I am too grown for this. I dont know

I am something like a timing bomb. When I´ll reach motivation to animate. Big things will happen. But I am not sure when it will be.

Btw. I was a secret member of Cethic´s Punkricide collab but It looks like he will never release it. So I am thinking about to give mine 2 clips somewhere else. Maybe to vassline´s halluciation. But I am not sure.

So that´s all I want to say for now.

Interesting stuff?

2015-11-29 11:21:45 by Ellvis

Not really


Deal with it :DDDDDD

Simple stuff

2015-11-05 09:57:59 by Ellvis

It was long time I released screen. Well there are two from mine collab parts. Dont ask me which collab it will be. I will not tell you. And the release date is unknown too. I just hope it will be this year.

Btw. because I deleted all my previous posts. All of you have lost links to all my tests and sprites. So I give you back link to Dedication sprites:

To my sounds:

And I will be generous so I am giving you mine Felicitation sprites which I were uprading. BUT I made this sprites to be more User sprites. i combined into them some Gunsheet from Elias, some items and blood from Krinkels. I made this because I hate when i have milion files opened at flash program. So I decided to make one spriteheet which will be comfortable for me. But many of them are mine. Feel free to use but give some credit pls.



Something another than animations

2015-10-11 09:41:24 by Ellvis

I made on of my last Dance movies before some days. i pay attention to edit. So you can watch if you want. or you can just listen the music from it.

Oh and I didnt write any review to madnessday movies this year. but if you want. than tell me and I will write constructive review to you.

Happy Madness Day 2015

2015-09-22 17:01:33 by Ellvis

The time has come and now, we can celebrate 8th madness day. 8 Years, wow. i remember that 2007 year. When I was only a child looking for that stuff. full of dreams. Dreams about I was a part of this competition too. In 2012 my dreams came true. but today. I am only a memory. But in the future. i will show up here once again. my head is full of ideas and full of dreams.

Today i want to wish all of you. happy madness day. and I wish you best luck in the future. Make you dreams real.