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Ellvis's News

Posted by Ellvis - September 22nd, 2018

I wish happy madness day to everyone of you. This year I am not much active here, but at least I made something. I made collab parts for Djjaner´s Bodyless collab and White Hank collab by Kryy. Both of them will be out soon.


Posted by Ellvis - April 13th, 2018

In past years I was training fluidity a lot. But It changed my style. I think that I animate much slower movements now. It is not that fast as before and it is realistic but boring I think. I must train speed of movements again to reach more fast paced status as before. 

Combo test: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/4c1ff85389a9baf439ae17e2a35082d8



Posted by Ellvis - April 4th, 2018

It´s been a while I made a post, huh? I ended up my dance career and reached some motivation for animations. I decided to make a collab part just to see how my skills changed after 2 years of no animations. In fact my skills are not completely gone but it´s average. Some things are taking me too long to animate. Some movements are slower than before because i cant do that fast. But you´ll see. I give that to Zeophyte´s collab which will be out soon. This year will be different for me. I will change my job. I will move to new home etc. And mostly for you guys I will be more active in animations. I have some rests here  and I cant leave before they will be done. Even if it take me hundred years. First of all I animate some collab parts. Zeophytes one is done. Secret one is waiting and maybe  Kirxee´s collab. After that continuation if madness Infinite is waiting and Madness Hardstyle remake but with different name and plot.

Oh and i forgot. I am planing to make a youtube channel for my animations. But it will be hard because of copyrights rules. You know many of my animations have copyrighted music. Like madness hardstyle, felicitation, infinite. i want to change that but i dont know how. because I lost .fla files . same about compilation of my collab parts. many of collab parts I lost. like asservation second part. czechstination 3rd part and I dont know how I could take them back.


Posted by Ellvis - September 22nd, 2016

Madness day is today. YAY. I just made one fucky part with Djjaner´s fail for Extermination 5 this time. But better than nothing. Maybe next time I will make something bigger.

Enjoy http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/681476 All of the members did great job. I am proud to be a part of it :)

Happy madness day to all of you.

Posted by Ellvis - September 5th, 2016

Madness day is soon huh? Are you planing something for it? tell me :)

My part for Gb Extermination 5 is done.

2007 frames


Posted by Ellvis - August 16th, 2016

I was kinda dead last few months. I totally lost any interest in animations. But before that happened I said Gabriel that i am going to be a member of Extermination 5. Last few months I have done anything for it. I completely lost my motivation and I was trying to focus more on  my own life. I was loosing a time and deadline was getting sooner and sooner. I was stressed a little bit because I  just couldnt forc myself to animate but I didnt want to dissapoint GB and my fans. Even so I didnt wanted. I started animate something for it at the begining of august. And what happened? My motivation came back for this time. Because I was rather motivated by GB words to me and your all words after my participation in Hallucination 2 . My skills came back very quickly. So I want to say Thanks to all of you. I really appriciate that. What Are you saying to me.

562 frames

9 kills

50% done. But I must hurry to be done in time.


Posted by Ellvis - April 20th, 2016

I was thinking about remake some of my sprites for future works. But about my actual human character i need to ask you. Do you like this character to looks like human? or should I make him into more madnessy style (grey body, without humanic face)

Let´s vote




Oh and Ysterday I bought my new car. I just felt in love when I saw it first time :D :O and ridin abilities are great too :) Seat Leon II Sport 1,6 75kw


Posted by Ellvis - March 28th, 2016

Well as you guys see I made 2 simple collab parts for vassline´s collab. They are nothing special at all. they are made with the same style I had over years. I am trying to keep my form. But I think my style is getting old.

But enough talking about me. Hallucination 2 is fucking great collab. Many animators made great parts. I like to see some new collab wich is on the high level. after long time. It is honor to me that I am part of this compilation.

Enjoy watching :)

Posted by Ellvis - February 3rd, 2016

Last few months people were asking me "Are you alive" or "Will you come back" or "What happen to you" so Here is my response:

In fact as you people see. I am not much active on this site. I am not commenting or making reviews so much. But I watch what is happening here. I watch stuffs from some animators. I was watching that DC cause....

In fact i want to comeback. But it is harder than i thought. I am full of amazing ideas, full of plans.

But  I miss somthing very important. Motivation. I am extremely DISMOTIVATED. I just cant sit all day at Pc and animate some things. I like more Real world than this virtual one. I am very accustomed. Or maybe  I am too grown for this. I dont know

I am something like a timing bomb. When I´ll reach motivation to animate. Big things will happen. But I am not sure when it will be.

Btw. I was a secret member of Cethic´s Punkricide collab but It looks like he will never release it. So I am thinking about to give mine 2 clips somewhere else. Maybe to vassline´s halluciation. But I am not sure.

So that´s all I want to say for now.

Posted by Ellvis - November 29th, 2015

Not really


Deal with it :DDDDDD