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When I was animating Singularity: Observation . I went through animation crisis. My animation skills were completely gone. It was hard to animate more at this. It was dismotivating when I stuck at one point not knowing what to do next. I felt bad and I was thinking that my comeback is bad idea. I wanted to interrupt this thing.

Suddenly my skills were coming back but very slowly. I am glad how it turned out. But my plans were different. It should be longer and more elaborate. I rushed some things due to lack of time and skills. and Sometimes lack of motivation, because people were still complaining about my Human OC. And were saying that I became slower and with weird choreography. So I wanted to prove them that they are wrong but I didnt have enough skill for that.

Anyway. it looks how it looks. I didnt expect anything by this. But I was surprised how big success it is. Main contribution

on this has Djjaner who made amazing soundtrack for me. Thank you

I will try my best to make a Singularity 2 much better and fullfill my plans.

But Enough talking about my Bullsh*t. I think this madness day was good. Many of you guys made wondefull job.

In short my honest opinions, don´t take anything offensive. Because I don´t mean that.

MAXIFICATION 2: Commencement by Jsoull and others

I honestly don´t understand that big hype around this movie. It is just a little preview of almost "no telling anything" scenes. And it is 50% Jsoull´s work. So why are you praise only him. Why not Matter of Time with his 3D effects in this movie? Why not Cethic´s fbf animation? ( Which was re-animated, who knows why) Why not Dark Signal with his fbf animation and art. It looks like Jsoull made only backgrounds, which are awesome, no doubt. But that´s not enough for one year of no Submission. What have you been doing whole year Jsoull? This product itself is professionally made, atmosferic and with nice feeling. But it is collab. remember that. I can´t wait for the full movie, But I hope Jsoull will not rely on others and make his own stuff more.


Madness Whitehank Zero: The Mulligan by kRyy and many others

After first watch of this long Madness movie I was angry a little bit how it turned out. Too chaotic, random, and way too long. Maybe I was too cruel at this one. After second taste of this bloody bath. I see a little bit more sense in few things. But still it is chaotic and way too long. 25 mins would be enough for madness movie. But I must say every member made amazing job and use their MAX in this. Action is really amazing to watch. Backgrounds are well made and sfx are seriously well made. Finally I can recognize some parts. which members animate them. And I was really surprised by their skill. All of you surpased me in action. Still dont know who animated that Car chase in the end, neo wank parts, and moon journey.

Abnormis: DEPARTURE by Zapchon

This was big surprise for me. It is really good. Interesting story. Amazing backgrounds (moving stars omg). Nice action, gore and effects. I was really amazed by your skills Zapchon. You have nice style which you were mastering years. I remember you as beginner at Giftination collab and now You are a beast. Can´t wait for Sequel.

Kilroy Madness 3 by Diotoons

Finale of this Saga about our 3 heroes at WWII. It is really professionaly made, cartoony, atmosferic movie. You have nice sense for tension. Own style of characters look. I dont see any mistake here. This is different movie beside others. And that makes you special

Madness : New York Minute by SentryTurbo

Short movie but with style and sense for detail. I enjoyed every kill you made. It was so good to watch. It looks really like Max Payne madness only bullet time dodging is missing. You are very talented animator.

Madness Powers: Devolution by KorboDuo

Unexpected Comeback of old generation madness animator. Comeback with fresh style. After 10 years of absense you made continuation of your old Madness Powers saga. Like I said I dont see much connection to original Madness Powers but at the end it comes. You created new style in madness including Gun-Fu. I am missing some melee only but that is small thing. I hope you will stay longer here and make some another continuation. and I think that will help master your style to perfection.

Madness Brutality Collab by CryNN and others.

Many time delayed collab which turned surprisingly good. Animators made really good job with their parts. Even if some of them are older I enjoyed this classic collab and every part in it. Music was very good to listen. Definitely went to my favorites one.


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