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This is the origin of your character? I love these mechanic animations and effects. keep it up.

Some collab parts were nice. Some were generic. I liked the most Ecklemir and Chubby parts, Kryy´s part, Kenamy´s part. Some of Djjaner´s parts were nice too and same about zeophyte´s parts but he should focus more on his own style. Because his animation style looks like a copy of Djjaner.

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Pretty huge for birthday animation. I like it a lot. I like your animation style but it is too similar to Stagnate´s one. The backgrounds were very well painted. Some little mistakes there were. Like missing holes after shots into walls, and i didn´tget the plot. But that´s small things.
Keep it up.

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Man i like this movie so much. it reminds me Hotline Miami. it is nice to play but still the are some thing that you could improve.
It would be nice if you upgrade backgrounds. Backgrounds are all grey and sometimes it is hard to recognize what is wall or what. you need them make more significant.
gam mechanics is nice and playable. thats same with controls. everything works fine. you deserve a praise for that. Some games are nice but unplayable with controls. shooting is nice . i like that recoil camera and sounds. but enemies stand a lot of hits. Weapond cold be more powerfull . I like that shotgun, it seems powerfull but when i hit a guard which is close to me. he survive a hit from that. sometimes guards can walk throug walls. and they always know whre you are hiding.
in make more death animations. u use only one. and i want this game more bloody >:(
but like I said. I really like this game and i cant waith for the full version :)

I like it man

very good game, I can´t wait for a full version

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Intro a Outro nic moc ale ty časti s melodiema jsou fajn, začínáš se lepšit s hardstylem. Věřím že časem vzniknou slušný bomby z tvé produkce.

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Djjaner responds:

Diky kámo. Dost mě to teďka chytlo a projíždím různý tutoriály jak to vypilovat.

Very Creative, please make more of this. Shame you didnt usethat melody from 2:41 with kicks.

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Hej fakt diky, vazim si toho :) Dekuju ti za skvely darek a za prani :) Moc se mi to libi :)

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Djjaner responds:

Nemas zac clovece.. Tvuj navrat me potesil mnohem vic. Je fajn te mit zpatky.. ;-)

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madness generation . nice work bro :)

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Pa4oo responds:

Glad you like it man

Very nice :) I have found some names on Buildings. Very nice idea :) But I remember MC7 backgound is not that far from MC 10 background. If you remember Mag agents smashed Hank from Mc7 building to Mc10 building. But thats small thing :) good job :)

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liuzirui1122 responds:

I also realized this.. you can just imagine this backgrounds' left side is linked with the right side lol.thanks for the review

That looks like that party was really hard :3

Pa4oo responds:

Indeed it was.
I'm glad you like it ^^

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