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2016-09-22 01:42:54 by Ellvis

Madness day is today. YAY. I just made one fucky part with Djjaner´s fail for Extermination 5 this time. But better than nothing. Maybe next time I will make something bigger.

Enjoy All of the members did great job. I am proud to be a part of it :)

Happy madness day to all of you.


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2016-09-22 02:13:47

Great job Ellvis! I loved that damn part. "I'm leaving. I'm back, I'm leaving I'm back"

Ellvis responds:

Thank you my friend :)


2016-09-22 03:21:44

It was the funniest clip from Extermination 5, you have finally created something I could laugh. xD
Keep up the good work and do not forget your rests.

"I'm leaving, I'm back. I'm leaving, I'm back."

Ellvis responds:

hahahaha no.


2016-09-22 07:28:21

Really nice And creative part! Made me laugh a lot Lmao xD

Ellvis responds:

Thank you bro :) I like your part a lot :)


2016-09-22 08:57:02

Really good job in a short period of time. Happy madness day! :DD

Ellvis responds:

thank you my friend :) I am looking foward to your collab parts :)


2016-09-22 11:18:00

That was a great piece, and I enjoyed how you featured Djjaner being indecisive about quitting :P

Ellvis responds:

Thank you bro :) but still I think. I can better :)


2016-09-22 12:52:38


Ellvis responds:

zas neprehanej :D


2016-09-22 16:31:18

for a collab part, that's actually a pretty huge scene you've animated.
i wonder how you're able to say "better than nothing" when it's belongs to the best.

+ nice joke at the end

Ellvis responds:

it has over 2000 frames but it looks shorter. Nah, not this time Ken.. all of members made awesome job. I like your part, but I need more :( now I cant wait for your MOVEH.


2016-09-23 09:48:38

Nice work. Happy Madness Day :)

Ellvis responds:

Thank you, happy M-Day to you too :)


2016-12-21 09:19:35

I'm interested to those custom sprites...
Can I watch them?!? :-|