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Madness day

2016-09-05 14:28:58 by Ellvis

Madness day is soon huh? Are you planing something for it? tell me :)

My part for Gb Extermination 5 is done.

2007 frames



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2016-09-05 14:35:47

Looks like you didn't changed the character like you said in an older post. But, can't wait to see your clips in E5

Ellvis responds:

No I havent changed still. I still havent decide how he should look.


2016-09-05 14:40:32

I think a lot of people are preparing something on the MD (or not). But still - it's cool.

Ellvis responds:

Well I am curious about MD stuff :)


2016-09-05 14:51:02

Cool! I'm planing something, but not for this year :I

Ellvis responds:

What a shame man :/


2016-09-05 15:16:10

best year of newgrounds 2007

Ellvis responds:

yes, good old days . that was the best MD imo. I was only watcher thought. Not an animator yet


2016-09-05 15:29:02

I can't wait
Im planning to do something,but idk if I got the time

Ellvis responds:

there is still a chance :) Good luck


2016-09-05 17:51:01

@Gabrielbarsh Look at this, he deserve an oscar!

Ellvis responds:

No no man :(


2016-09-05 17:51:33

@GabrielBarsch *


2016-09-05 18:52:03

Ah ahhhhh Elvissss, even if you say your part isn't that good, i already like it! And you can't do nothing about it muahahaha!

Ellvis responds:

well maybe not, but what i can do is that I can tell you I am Ellvis not Elvis :DDDD


2016-09-05 19:07:35

yes boi, i already received his clips, all i can say is that will blow your mind


2016-09-05 23:50:31

If Barsch said it will blow my mind, be ready for my fan girl message c:

Ellvis responds:

He is lyyyying >:(


2016-09-06 05:26:00

Naah only collab clips, next time i'll make something! :V

Ellvis responds:

Better than nothing man. cant wait for your clips :)


2016-09-06 08:03:20

Can't wait for it :)

Ellvis responds:

Thanks madnesia. What about your AMA 4?


2016-09-15 23:53:08

Wow, i can't wait

Ellvis responds:

Thanks Grabel, Where have you been? :)


2016-09-21 13:06:46

Nice part! I like it very much. ;)

Ellvis responds:

That was my purpose.


2016-09-21 15:37:43

Dude, seriously, your part was fucking awesome and hilarious, i was chocking from laugh after seen this! XD

Ellvis responds:

I love your Wolfenstein part. You should make a whole movie like this :O


2016-09-21 19:46:59

hilarious, you still da best

Ellvis responds:

your part with that Djjaner┬┤s cop sprites is very nice :)