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Extermination 5

2016-08-16 18:42:40 by Ellvis

I was kinda dead last few months. I totally lost any interest in animations. But before that happened I said Gabriel that i am going to be a member of Extermination 5. Last few months I have done anything for it. I completely lost my motivation and I was trying to focus more on  my own life. I was loosing a time and deadline was getting sooner and sooner. I was stressed a little bit because I  just couldnt forc myself to animate but I didnt want to dissapoint GB and my fans. Even so I didnt wanted. I started animate something for it at the begining of august. And what happened? My motivation came back for this time. Because I was rather motivated by GB words to me and your all words after my participation in Hallucination 2 . My skills came back very quickly. So I want to say Thanks to all of you. I really appriciate that. What Are you saying to me.

562 frames

9 kills

50% done. But I must hurry to be done in time.



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2016-08-16 18:50:09

Good luck

Ellvis responds:

Get lost...


2016-08-16 19:13:34

Good luck dude

Ellvis responds:

Thank you man :)


2016-08-16 20:38:15

I really like that you have back your motivation! But hey, do not force yourself to animate.
In my case, you won't dissapoint me if you are in this collab or not ;)

Ellvis responds:

I have no choice man. My honor doesn´t alow it. Bu t thanks :)


2016-08-16 20:39:34

Extermination 5 hahhaah

Ellvis responds:

Yeah I was wrong. Time is running fast and I lost the view about things here


2016-08-16 22:55:57

You're still alive?
I'm crazy now.

Ellvis responds:

I am alive just for this time.


2016-08-17 03:44:20

The motivation can be lost if you want make an animation for Madness Day (22/09). It's can be lost if your animation is not popular, or you.
Don't lost your motivation. Take your time.

Ellvis responds:

It is hard to keep my motivation because I have a lot other things to do.


2016-08-17 08:24:38

Glad to know you still alive, and motivated ;)! cant wait to see your work dud.

Ellvis responds:

Thanks but dont expect anything special.


2016-08-17 13:03:48

good luck bro.

Ellvis responds:

Thank you my old friend :)


2016-08-17 14:51:46

"It is hard to keep my motivation because I have a lot other things to do."
It's why I've said :
"Take your time."

Ellvis responds:

But the is no time man :D


2016-08-17 15:27:52

Anyway, good luck bro. I'm sure your part is really nice!

Ellvis responds:

thanks but dont expect anything :)


2016-08-17 17:00:46

Everytime some says that, i expect more muahahah!

Ellvis responds:

Than you will be dissapointed :)


2016-08-18 07:20:48

Always Expectation :D

Ellvis responds:

Dont expect anything :D


2016-08-18 12:34:21

eyy, until you keep coming back i'll cheer for every works you're doing c:

Ellvis responds:

well, thanks my old bro :)


2016-08-19 03:04:57

Gud thing that you are back for fill us with ur cool dance n' kill, joking aside im glad that you are enough motivated to make some good pleasure for our eyes, i just hope after that you can enjoy some real life stuff, ya know the proverb "the best part of this job is when you finish it"! :D

Ellvis responds:

I agree with that "the best part of this job is when you finish it" :D btw you will be dissapointed if you will expect more. in fact the hallucination 2 parts were much better than this one I making now :)


2016-08-19 08:28:54

Good fuck.. ehm LUCK dude :) :D

Ellvis responds:

Ty jses demon :D


2016-08-19 16:11:31

(Jsem línej to psát anglicky, snad se nezlobíš :D)
Každopádně, vítám tě zpět mezi živými, jsem rád žes opět dostal motivaci animovat..sice nevim na jak dlouho ale to je jedno, a pokud jsi měl z toho blbej pocit tak se neboj, já na to taky posledních pár měsíců dobře sral :D jsem zapomě už vim, když vidim tenhle screen tak mám takový radostný pocit..něco jako když se po dlouhý době díváš na porno. No dobře, zkráceně, vítám tě zpět a hodně štěstí se vším co děláš a budeš dělat, a jelikož nevim jak to zakončim tak prostě napíšu tečku.

Ellvis responds:

motivaci mam jen protentokrat,, jak to dodelam tak zas zmizi. Dik :)


2016-08-19 17:58:09

Good luck man! ;P
im surprised , you are alive!!!

Ellvis responds:

I am alive just for this time. :)


2016-08-26 23:00:13

The screenshot here looks promising..... hoping for something epic

Ellvis responds:

Dont hope :D