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Just a little question

2016-04-20 17:27:20 by Ellvis

I was thinking about remake some of my sprites for future works. But about my actual human character i need to ask you. Do you like this character to looks like human? or should I make him into more madnessy style (grey body, without humanic face)

Let´s vote




Oh and Ysterday I bought my new car. I just felt in love when I saw it first time :D :O and ridin abilities are great too :) Seat Leon II Sport 1,6 75kw



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2016-04-20 17:30:45

Man! that car looks epic! Congrats :DD
(Madnessy plz)

Ellvis responds:

Thank you :) vote Counted.


2016-04-20 17:41:04

Madnessy face, Nice color and car looks awesome to ride in ;)

Ellvis responds:

The feeling of driving is just how to say "godlike" :D Vote Counted


2016-04-20 18:57:08

Madneessy pls,
I need a car to be drunk v:

Ellvis responds:

No drunk riding pls- it is too dangerous ( viz madness dedication)


2016-04-20 19:13:07

To be honest, your human version looks amazing, and idk what you´re trying to say about more madnessy style XD. How does your char will look like?

Ellvis responds:

madnessy style is something like Gabriel barsch have. character with grey head but with eyes and hair. but yeah I am accustomed for that humanic style :) :D


2016-04-20 21:29:42

human looks way better and original.

Ellvis responds:

Thank you :)


2016-04-21 00:11:14

I pick the highest form among animals!

Ellvis responds:

So what does it mean? :) Human? :)


2016-04-21 01:29:18

the fleshy meat bag one, AKA the human. it's pretty unique.

Ellvis responds:

Thank you man. I wish one time you make a wallpaper of my character (doodle) but I am not forcing anybody :) keep up the good work :)


2016-04-21 08:03:10

Gorjeus car dude, also waiting for that char remake :P

Ellvis responds:

Of course it is gorgeous because this type of car is from your country. (Spanish car) but it has Volkswagen engine. Oh and soon will be on the market Seat Ateca. This SUV is done by Czech Republic :P btw thanks and you forgot to vote bro :)


2016-04-21 11:33:09

how bout that ?

Ellvis responds:

I saw that Gabe, but I want to make my character completely different. With another hair and clothes.


2016-04-21 13:34:22

oh right, well its hard,but for me i would vote madness face with human things, like mouth and eyes and hair...

Ellvis responds:

ok man, Vote counted :)


2016-04-21 17:12:52

I vote for the Human face, it looks great and original.
Also sweet car man it looks great! :D Way better than what I got :P

Ellvis responds:

What car do you have man? :D


2016-04-22 05:23:56

Nice car,very cool!<33
Do more characteristic,HUMAN!:D

Ellvis responds:

Thanks a lot man :) vote counted :)


2016-04-23 03:25:52

Nice car, but i'm afraid it will unleash many brawls, cause it's yellow (There is a game that if you see a yellow car you have to give a punch to someone screaming "Yellow car"). Anyway talking about something else, i prefer more the madnassy face, cause it's inherent, if you lnow what i mean! XP

Ellvis responds:

Ok bro :) yeah i know this game.. kids were playing this in the past. but today? huh. They are just carrying about their tablet and games on them :)


2016-04-23 21:22:05

suppose the car looks Ok, nothin to special =P but i do like the human face better then the madness one, it's really somethin different

Ellvis responds:

Ok bro :) vote counted.


2016-04-26 16:49:04

I really like the human style but I want you try a different style I'm going for madnessy

Ellvis responds:

ok bro :)


2016-04-27 09:16:16

Use your real face :D :D :D

Ellvis responds:



2016-04-27 09:49:59

Nice Seat Leon Cupra (Any mistakes?)
Hmm...Use your real face :)

Ellvis responds:

it is not Cupra but one Day I am going to have new generation of leon Cupra. this one is the older version. Cupra has 2.0 liters and 177kw + thís is only 1.6 and 75 kw :) but it is enough for me :)


2016-04-27 14:48:24

try madnessy style this time:)

Ellvis responds:

ok bro, vote counted :)


2016-04-30 10:18:57

Why not both? like you can use the Madnessy face on some animations and the Human face on the others

(but personally, the Human face looks original and Cool AF )

(Updated ) Ellvis responds:

So your vote is? human? :) I have another character with madnessy face


2016-05-04 13:28:06

Hardstyle for 2016 is the one that you used in halluc 2.
Anyway I vote madnessy face :3

Ellvis responds:

Ok bro :)


2016-05-08 19:07:48

Something between them i suppose ..... NO SCREW THAT! MADNESS FACE!

Ellvis responds:

I will try something original :)


2016-05-15 11:25:11

Try making a better hardstyle for 2017, I want to see how you will remake it! :-)))
Little extra:

Ellvis responds:

Haha nice one :)


2016-05-16 20:15:11

The 2016 version is my favorite! Oh wait...

Ellvis responds:

There is no 2016 yet :D


2016-05-17 00:05:54

I can't believe you're still active :O!
Is the community not as dead as I thought it was?

Ellvis responds:

It is dead and I am not htat active :D


2016-05-17 10:05:12

Human ellvis against human l33t.

Ellvis responds:

I ll try my best :)


2016-05-28 13:36:55

Nice car man. and I must say I saw your part in madness hallucination 2. Man have you still kept your badass animating style. I still love it.

Ellvis responds:

I am trying to keep my form :) thanks a lot old friend :)


2016-07-08 03:30:39

Choose the one which has more hardstyle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ellvis responds:

indeed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


2016-07-14 10:53:30

It would help to see what your more Madnessy character would look like

Ellvis responds:

Well nothing is created already.


2016-08-08 22:25:31

I'm aware of the lateness of this comment, but I prefer the Human version. It's creative and makes you really stand out. I first found you from a collab part I saw and I was very interested by the character so I looked you up.

Ellvis responds:

Thank you man. I guess too. That humanic char fits more with my style


2016-08-14 16:46:38

viem, že väčšina animátorov majú madness style postavu ale k tebe sa viac hodí tá ludská (myslím human face 10 xd)

Ellvis responds:

Souhlas :)