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Hallucination 2

2016-03-28 07:25:10 by Ellvis

Well as you guys see I made 2 simple collab parts for vassline´s collab. They are nothing special at all. they are made with the same style I had over years. I am trying to keep my form. But I think my style is getting old.

But enough talking about me. Hallucination 2 is fucking great collab. Many animators made great parts. I like to see some new collab wich is on the high level. after long time. It is honor to me that I am part of this compilation.

Enjoy watching :)


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2016-03-28 07:29:23

You´re style isn´t old.

Ellvis responds:

well it is 4 years old.


2016-03-28 10:05:13

Your style is awesome man!
It isn't going to get old anytime soon

Ellvis responds:

well thanks :)


2016-03-28 10:36:24

I hope you were joking, when I saw your parts i was amazed to how much epic are these, the movement, the ways to kill, all! I hope to see another pearls from you in future! :)

Ellvis responds:

Yor parts were awesome too man. you are improving and you have your own originality. cant wait for your future stuff bro :)


2016-03-28 12:22:21

2 ''simple'' parts
you're so humble

Ellvis responds:

You know me Gabe :D


2016-03-28 14:18:33

Man, your animation style is the best i've ever seen!
It never gets old :)

Ellvis responds:

Well thanks a lot :)


2016-03-28 19:33:39

I was so hyped with your.. "single" EPIC parts!
I must say that you leave me without words.

Ellvis responds:

Your part was very nice man :)


2016-03-29 15:02:43

when a style is "old" it's more likely mean because it's a boring style and no longer being used,
your style is not old at all, but probably the best style among the entire madness series.

You're pretty much underestimate yourself, just believe that your shit belong to the best.

Ellvis responds:

Ok I will trust you bro :D


2016-03-31 22:49:17

Your parts in Hallucination 2 were easily the best, great fast paced animation style.
Can't wait to see more things from you! Possibly working in a collab together would be great :)

Ellvis responds:

Maybe one time bro :) thank you for motivation :)) I would like to see more from you :)


2016-04-01 12:58:33

When someone's creative, there's no need for story or something :)
People think Madness is boring when there's no story or new things, but they forget "originality" also means "own style", and your style (like most of the great people wrote below) IS original and enjoyable, and for me that's the main thing in a Madness Combat animator :)
As I said a long time ago, people don't have to try to animate like Krinkels, they have to animate the way they like but not simply copying each other's style, else it's like watching the same thing over and over :)

Ellvis responds:

I like these words from you :) thank you my bro :)


2016-04-15 23:51:55

Your parts are so awsome. I really like that

Ellvis responds:

Thank you Aston :) your parts were very nice :)