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Well guys

2016-02-03 15:50:29 by Ellvis

Last few months people were asking me "Are you alive" or "Will you come back" or "What happen to you" so Here is my response:

In fact as you people see. I am not much active on this site. I am not commenting or making reviews so much. But I watch what is happening here. I watch stuffs from some animators. I was watching that DC cause....

In fact i want to comeback. But it is harder than i thought. I am full of amazing ideas, full of plans.

But  I miss somthing very important. Motivation. I am extremely DISMOTIVATED. I just cant sit all day at Pc and animate some things. I like more Real world than this virtual one. I am very accustomed. Or maybe  I am too grown for this. I dont know

I am something like a timing bomb. When I´ll reach motivation to animate. Big things will happen. But I am not sure when it will be.

Btw. I was a secret member of Cethic´s Punkricide collab but It looks like he will never release it. So I am thinking about to give mine 2 clips somewhere else. Maybe to vassline´s halluciation. But I am not sure.

So that´s all I want to say for now.


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2016-02-03 16:12:00

You should join to extermination 5. Last year's collab was awesome.

Ellvis responds:

Maybe :)


2016-02-03 17:01:47

You will make a comeback! 3:D

Ellvis responds:

I am not sure man :)


2016-02-04 15:07:41

You don't have to sit in front of the computer all day if you want to comeback. Just try to animate without hurrying

Ellvis responds:

You are right man :) i missed you bro.


2016-02-23 17:16:53

You're leaving already? Bye.

Ellvis responds:



2016-02-24 19:51:58

@Djjaner So are you?

Ellvis responds:

Yeah :D


2016-02-26 14:28:40

If you're dismotivated that much even though you didn't do anything since a few months... Means that you can no longer animate madness.
I said it straight but thats what i truly think about your current situation.
Though, i guess there is still many ways to get motivated
Like, umm...

Ellvis responds:

I reach sometimes some motivation but not for long time.


2016-03-02 11:54:26

Hoping that you find some motivation to come back because I personally loved all your work. But do take your time, I know how it feels when the ideas come up and then you sit down to work and nothing comes out. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be a good choice. :)

Ellvis responds:

Thanks a lot man :) I appriciate that :)


2016-03-28 01:51:00

Your parts to our collab Madness Hallucination 2 kicked major ass! They were my personal favorites :3. I do hope to see more from you in the future since you are a fantastic animator.

Ellvis responds:

Thank you a lot man :) I appriciate that .) I like your parts too. About future I cant say anything directly. But I will try to keep my form.


2016-03-28 08:09:33

Sure thing