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2015-11-05 09:57:59 by Ellvis

It was long time I released screen. Well there are two from mine collab parts. Dont ask me which collab it will be. I will not tell you. And the release date is unknown too. I just hope it will be this year.

Btw. because I deleted all my previous posts. All of you have lost links to all my tests and sprites. So I give you back link to Dedication sprites:

To my sounds:

And I will be generous so I am giving you mine Felicitation sprites which I were uprading. BUT I made this sprites to be more User sprites. i combined into them some Gunsheet from Elias, some items and blood from Krinkels. I made this because I hate when i have milion files opened at flash program. So I decided to make one spriteheet which will be comfortable for me. But many of them are mine. Feel free to use but give some credit pls.




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2015-11-05 10:22:34

Ellvis responds:



2015-11-05 10:29:55

Ellvis is back :D

Ellvis responds:

Im not back at all. Just making some rests. :)


2015-11-05 15:41:45

I know that i can wait something big from you (づ◕ᴥ◕)づ

Ellvis responds:

Only collab parts, nothing big :)


2015-11-05 15:58:51

thanks for the sheets :D, also, your animations are awesome and hardcore ;)

Ellvis responds:

No problem, thanks :)


2015-11-05 15:59:05

hardstyle*, sorry


2015-11-05 16:51:16

Yehee Boyyeeee!

Ellvis responds:



2015-11-06 03:06:03

Glad to see you are back!

Ellvis responds:

Im not back at all :)


2015-11-06 18:12:37

Looks awesome bro, can't wait to see it :D

Ellvis responds:

Thanks :) I like your animation style :)


2015-11-06 18:55:19

the blood effect is the best ive ever seen... seriously

Ellvis responds:

Thank you :)


2015-11-07 09:34:04
I do test with your old character :3
can you evaluate it?

Ellvis responds:

Not bad, but work more on your physics :) guns are heavy dont forget it.


2015-11-09 19:25:25

oh hai there

Ellvis responds:

Hi Gabe :)


2015-11-21 23:16:40

i can open the dedication and hardstyle sheets, but i can´t open the sounds file with macromedia, i don´t know why

Ellvis responds:

The file should work now, I repaired it :)


2015-11-22 01:57:43

There is awesome sprites,nice screenshots of animations and good sounds!
Goodluck with animations!

Ellvis responds:

Thank you :)


2015-12-05 07:59:20

Hello Drulst, remember? "Sorry. We're Closed" It was only what you've done right...


2016-04-05 11:47:02

Can you give me a zip folder with the sounds, please?
Just in case...


2016-10-20 23:12:15

Ellvis thank you for the great sprites and sounds,credit to use if ever make a video