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Happy Madness Day 2015

2015-09-22 17:01:33 by Ellvis

The time has come and now, we can celebrate 8th madness day. 8 Years, wow. i remember that 2007 year. When I was only a child looking for that stuff. full of dreams. Dreams about I was a part of this competition too. In 2012 my dreams came true. but today. I am only a memory. But in the future. i will show up here once again. my head is full of ideas and full of dreams.

Today i want to wish all of you. happy madness day. and I wish you best luck in the future. Make you dreams real.



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2015-09-22 17:03:28

ellvis, dont let your dreams be dreams, so JUST DO IT, MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE

Ellvis responds:

I have some rests, what i must do before that. But thanks :)


2015-09-22 20:04:03

If you have ideas you just make them come true ;).
(My english is bad)

Ellvis responds:

maybe one time.


2015-09-23 04:42:43

Happy Hater Madness Day for you ;)

Ellvis responds:

I am hater only for you. because you are a liar and asslicker. I will never trust you. You will never have my respect.


2015-09-23 14:43:25

Tvuj nazor tvuj problem.Tak tu nebrec a tvor ,kdo te v tom brani? vyrob dalsi super ultra megovej a hlavne! ORIGINALNI madness kterej brzo smaznes kvuli spatny sledovanosti a zas uteces plakat do kouta? Na to jsme zde uz zvykli mr. Ellvis. ;) no taaak dalsi koment kde mi nadas jak jsem s gujitkem neoriginalni, urcite to spousta lidi zase pobavi. :)

Ellvis responds:

English pls


2015-09-23 15:03:13

So please stop crying and animate original madness Mr. Ellvis.. ;)

Ellvis responds:

I will try my best as allways. Not like you Mr. No effort


2015-09-23 17:25:54

"my best as allways" I dont understand your sense of humor... sorry.

Ellvis responds:

I am always trying to put a lot effort to all my works. I am always trying my best i can do. in collabs, in solo movies. not like your " I am always trying to do everything fast without effort" i saw you parts in Infected collab. 0 effort, no idea. good work


2015-09-23 18:10:05

"0 effort, no idea." So much love it? thank you very much little crying boy... You are my big fan. You animated clips for me to Madness Giftination that were not good and a lot of people scared to get you remove it from fans and stop watching you and therefore the bad viewership at felicitation.. Oh how horrible that?. My animation is poor but people are watching and are satisfied Mr. Ellvis. You have to try to be unoriginal and boring otherwise you'll cry on.. No effort ,greater glory!

Ellvis responds:

Yes people are watching your videos and are satisfied by that shit. Thats why I ended here. People are brainless and cant recognize quality between quantity. Thats why I wanted to delete my best submissions. not because of viewiorship. but because they dont deserve to watch my work which were made with my heart. If they are satisfied by your uselles shits. they dont need to watch mine videos. and stop spam here you ugly brainless mentally afflicted asshole. If you want to win this discuss. than you won. And from this moment I dont care about you anymore. you can continue in making your senseless shit.


2015-09-24 01:43:15

I like to stop, because it makes no sense to continue to communicate with you. bye loser. ;)


2015-09-27 13:28:16

Until your dreams came true and you was truly satisfacted of your contribute for the past Madness Days, There is no need to force yourself to continue.

Though, you will be sure that whenever you will come back into Animating,
We will welcome you, surely with love <3 (no homo pls)

Happy late Madness Day Hardstyler ! c;

Ellvis responds:

Eyy kanamii my boi is here (no homo) Im glad to have friend like you. cant wait for your moveh. <3


2015-09-27 15:59:05

I dont get it what its about you and Djjaner didnt you make him a gift for his birthday or was you forced to make it?

Ellvis responds:

"It sounds almost like he was forcing everybody to make him gift." read carefully bro.


2015-10-02 15:42:22

Hey Ellvis for me you was my favorite madness animator my idol i love ur vids.
Its really sad to hear with you and Djjaner...
If i ever start making madness animation i would sponsor u.

HAPPY MADNESS DAY <3 (no homo)


Ellvis responds:

Thank you :)


2015-10-10 08:25:59

Hopefully see you soon buddy.......

Ellvis responds:

I hope not.


2015-10-10 20:03:20

Wassuppp brah

Ellvis responds:

Not bad but not good you know. Where is the flageration :(